Contour is the most topographically adaptable PV racking system available and can handle up to a 20% grade resulting in less site grading. Other ground mount options include Cap-Rack, a ballasted system designed for impermeable landfills.

Ground Mount Systems



The Eco-Top rooftop system has flexible attachment options: a ballasted option that is roof membrane friendly or a metal roof attachment. Eco-Top HD increases capacity by up to 20% with more wattage per square foot.

Rooftop Systems

Exotrack® HZ Solar Tracker

Exotrack® HZ Solar Tracker

HZ is a horizontal single-axis solar tracker that increases plant production up to 25% in comparison to fixed-tilt systems.

Exotrack® HZ Solar Tracker


DCE Solar is known throughout the renewable energy market as the premier solar racking hardware manufacturer. With DCE’s experienced engineering team and manufacturing facilities, we provide economical solar racking hardware direct to installers and project developers to ensure we positively impact their profitability. Our products facilitate the industry’s broad solar racking requirements.

DCE Solar is recognized for innovative engineering and manufacturing of precision machines for a variety of markets. DCE provides its clients with the greatest value by implementing the highest degree of competency using the latest in materials and manufacturing processes to minimize costs while ensuring reliability.

Over the course of the past two years, New Generation Energy has installed 10MW+ of DCE Solar’s Eco Top racking system. In an industry filled with complicated racking systems, DCE Solar sets themselves apart with a well thought out design that is easy to install, has an integrated wire management system and a competitive psi load rating that makes projects feasible on roofs where other racks fail to meet structure requirements. That paired with impeccable customer service and an aesthetically-pleasing final product makes DCE Solar an industry leader in racking solutions for any PV application.
New Generation Energy
My experience with DCE was very good. I will certainly recommend your product. I found that the best part was having someone from your company right there to assist me and the contractor with any questions we had.
Chris Bashta, Greenskies Renewable Energy (Meriden Landfill)
DCE Solar has been amazing to work with. The customer service is excellent! When ideas were bounced off of them they were quick to take note and look into improving on an already awesome system.
Ed Rabb, Dynamic Solar (Palmer Foundry)
Being in the field all the time has allowed me to see numerous types of racking systems/installations and I would say DCE’s system was definitely one of the better systems I’ve seen. I think the best part was how the system arrived already partially assembled. This allowed less human error in the field and also led to a quicker installation.
Chris Bashta, Greenskies Renewable Energy (Meriden Landfill)
The ease of installation was one of the biggest things I noticed. The amount of hardware is much less than the other systems making it quicker to install.
Ed Rabb, Dynamic Solar (Palmer Foundry)
I would say this specific racking system allowed us to have a quicker installation, because of the pre-assembly, which definitely lowers the installation labor and cost.
Chris Bashta, Greenskies Renewable Energy (Meriden Landfill)


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Berlin, CT
Size: 1.3MW, No. Panels: 4,140

The benefits of DCE Solar’s Contour DB are numerous. DCE Solar’s exclusive system allows for less site-grading. Some projects could have been derailed simply because of the grading costs.  This combined with a single point purlin connection allows the rack to pivot and seamlessly follow the topography, something that competing products struggle to match.

Product: Contour DB

Orientation: Portrait

Arrays : 104 2×20

Total Project size: 1.3MW

No. of modules: 4,140

Wind Speed (ASCE 7-10): 113 mph

Snow Load: 45 PSF

The Contour DB was the perfect choice for ASSA-ABLOY’s installation.  Difficult topography with some areas having a 20 degree slope would require significant grading to install conventional systems. Contour DB was chosen because it accommodated their difficult topography while saving time and money.

The advantages of DCE Solar’s Contour DB are substantial.

  • Single point purlin connection –allows the rack to pivot and seamlessly follow the topography.
  • Ease of alignment – Top beam adapter that gives unmatched adaptability and ease of alignment.
  • Nesting of zees & cees – Increased structural stiffness yielding a compact design.
  • Integrated grounding – no additional module grounding accessories and minimal grounding wire required.
  • Built-in wire support – no further wire trays needed making wiring easy

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The most topographically adaptable ground mount PV racking system on the market. Save time and money with less required site grading. Choose from DB (Driven Beam) or GS (Ground Screw) models.

Contour DB
Contour GS


A cost-effective rooftop mounting design that is customized to attach using ballasted rubber pads or directly to a metal roof making this the most roof-friendly system on the market. Choose from Eco-Top, Eco-Top HD (High Density with up to 20% more capacity) or Eco-Top MR (for Metal Roofs).

Eco-Top HD
Eco-Top MR


This ballasted solution is for landfills where the surface cap can not be penetrated. Our Cap-Rack DB model is designed for shallow landfills or rocky soil with minimal penetration.

Cap-Rack DB


Solar Tracking Technology allows your PV to follow the sun thus maximizing the time a plant can capture solar energy thereby increasing overall power capacity.

Exotrack HZ