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DCE Solar is one of the leading manufacturers of ground-mount solar racking systems and roof-mounted solar racking systems with both traditional attachment and ballasted solar rack options available. Known for superior quality and leading-edge design DCE Solar racking systems are often considered the gold standard in terms of simple installation, reliable performance, and exceptional value over time.



Contour is the most topographically adaptable PV racking system available and can handle up to a 20% grade resulting in less site grading. Other ground mount options include Cap-Rack, a ballasted system designed for impermeable landfills.

Ground Mount Systems



The Eco-Top rooftop system has flexible attachment options: a ballasted option that is roof membrane friendly or a metal roof attachment. Eco-Top HD increases capacity by up to 20% with more wattage per square foot.

Rooftop Systems

Contour DB


Contour DB (Driven Beam) is the most topographically adaptable ground mount PV racking system. Able to handle up to a 20% grade, Contour saves time and money with less site grading required.

Contour DB



Adding to the DCE Solar experience is a dedicated team of solar racking system experts – ranging from engineers to planners to sales consultants and other solar energy professionals – all of whom support clients and projects to successful results. Whether it’s providing fast answers on technical questions, making smart suggestions on how to enhance overall solar site performance, or skilled assistance with planning and installation, DCE Solar is behind you every step of the way as part of our ongoing commitment to Elevate the Future of Solar.

DCE Solar is recognized for innovative engineering and manufacturing of precision machines for a variety of markets. DCE provides its clients with the greatest value by implementing the highest degree of competency using the latest in materials and manufacturing processes to minimize costs while ensuring reliability.

What our customers say


 Mocksville, NC

This project was part of an important solar expansion to help meet North Carolina’s renewable energy efficiency portfolio standard.

Total Project size: 19.94MWDC

Grount Mount: Contour Driven Beam

Orientation: 2×5 portrait

# Panels: 63,308

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The most topographically adaptable ground mount PV racking system on the market. Save time and money with less required site grading. Choose from DB (Driven Beam) or GS (Ground Screw) models.

Contour DB
Contour GS


A cost-effective rooftop mounting design that is customized to attach using ballasted rubber pads or directly to a metal roof making this the most roof-friendly system on the market. Choose from Eco-Top, Eco-Top HD (High Density with up to 20% more capacity) or Eco-Top MR (for Metal Roofs).

Eco-Top HD
Eco-Top MR

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