Madison Solar Array Canastota, NY

Project Size: 2.4 MW on a site with varying terrain changes


Bringing Solar to a Challenging Site


One of the greatest obstacles facing the energy industry when it comes to implementing solar energy is the availability of appropriate sites. Steep terrain can negatively impact optimum energy collection – and ultimately total yield – from an array.

If a solar energy field doesn’t collect enough energy to offset the costs of installation and maintenance, other forms of fuel such as coal and petroleum make stronger financial sense. This was precisely what EPC Pfister Energy was facing at a project site in upstate New York.

The Challenge

THE SELECTED SITE WAS filled with a variety of grade and terrain changes, which would have been expensive to eliminate with heavy-duty construction equipment.

REAL ESTATE COSTS in the area eliminated the purchase of a new site as a feasible option for the new solar array — the installation would have to make the best of a difficult situation.

The Solution

THANKS TO DCE SOLAR’S CONTOUR SYSTEM — a significant portion of the site would not need to be graded. Contour’s adaptable base was able to accommodate up to a 20-degree slope, at variable rates, without sacrificing position for optimum collection and yield.

THE COST SAVINGS DELIVERED by the portion of the project that could do without grading made it possible for Pfister Energy to grade only the most challenging portions of their client’s site and expand the overall size and capacity of the total project.

The Results – Ahead of the Curve Energy Production

THE ENERGY PRODUCED BY the new solar array at the utility company’s site can power approximately 1,800 average households.