We've installed most of the systems available, and this is by far the best.

John Penton
Managing Director, NEI Energy

The DCE racking system is great to work with. It saves our company a lot of person-hours per project thanks to the small number of components and the ease of installation. The high productivity rates with the DCE system are even more of an advantage on prevailing wage projects and really help to keep our costs and bids lower than competitors on those projects.

Josh Thomas
Project Manager, Positive Energy NY LLC

The DCE system was simple and streamlined in its components, tooling, and installation techniques required. The DCE team made multiple site visits offering best-practice methods for each installation step. They moved around deliveries to accommodate project schedule changes. Their engineering team was flexible with our requests for alleviated tolerances and procedures for installing and remediating ground posts. Overall the DCE team proved to be a customer focused outfit providing a solar racking system that effectively met our needs.

Nick Gildea
Field Engineer

“It was great to work with DCE again on another successful ground mount. We knew they would be able to handle and help us successfully execute this project given its certain logistical and engineering requirements. Great product & Great teamwork”.

Pat Hastings
Project Manager, Dynamic Energy

We’ve installed nearly two thousand PV systems since 2003 and have tried every racking product on the market. Our installers say that DCE Solar is the best combination of quality and ease of installation available.

Robb Jetty
Chief Commercial Officer, Renovus Solar

Over the course of the past two years, New Generation Energy has installed 10MW+ of DCE Solar’s Eco Top racking system. In an industry filled with complicated racking systems, DCE Solar sets themselves apart with a well thought out design that is easy to install, has an integrated wire management system and a competitive psi load rating that makes projects feasible on roofs where other racks fail to meet structure requirements. That paired with impeccable customer service and an aesthetically-pleasing final product makes DCE Solar an industry leader in racking solutions for any PV application.

Dennis Crosby
President, New Generation Energy

My experience with DCE was very good. I will certainly recommend your product. I found that the best part was having someone from your company right there to assist me and the contractor with any questions we had.

Chris Bashta
Greenskies Renewable Energy (Meriden Landfill)

DCE Solar has been amazing to work with. The customer service is excellent! When ideas were bounced off of them they were quick to take note and look into improving on an already awesome system.

Ed Rabb
Dynamic Solar (Palmer Foundry)

The ease of installation was one of the biggest things I noticed. The amount of hardware is much less than the other systems making it quicker to install.

Ed Rabb
Dynamic Solar (Palmer Foundry)

I would say this specific racking system allowed us to have a quicker installation, because of the pre-assembly, which definitely lowers the installation labor and cost.

Chris Bashta
Greenskies Renewable Energy (Meriden Landfill)